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Dec. 4th, 2008




Just looking for some like-minded people.

Name: Lou, Louch, Luciano, Louie, or Louis (Lewis) will do
Gender: M
General Location:
Etobicoke (Lakeshore/Royal York)/GTA
Occupation: Security/Law Enforcement
When out, but I don't do the drink 'til you puke thing any more
General Style: Whatever I have. Don't know what you'd call it
Likes: Rise Against, mountain biking, paintball, pubs, women, the usual
Dislikes: Where to start ...
Hobbies/Passtimes: RC Helicopters, paintball, pubs, family, and whatever
Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: 
Pubs (Barrie), Brother's or Parent's Place for an evening
Talents: I can dedicate more time to OCD related tasks than humanly possible :P
Fave Foods:
Thai food
Fave Movies: The Rock, Boondock Saints, Shawshank Redemption
Fave Books:
Hey Nostradamus! by Douglas Coupland, and Incompetence by Rob Grant
Fave TV Shows: Firefly
Anything Else? I'm odd ... to put it lightly :)
Pic(s): Are most often found on my Facebook

Nov. 14th, 2008



Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand

Name: Gina
Age: Twenty One
Gender: Female
General Location: Don Mills/Eglinton
Occupation: I'm a student at the University of Toronto (St. George) Studying...stuff. English and either Psychology or Biology (I've yet to decide).
Smoker? Cigarettes and I are like two people in an abusive, yet codependent relationship. No matter how much we fight, no matter how much we hurt one another, we just can't seem to stay away from each other for too long. That being said our on again off again romance is currently off due to lack of funds.

However, to quote Dennis Leary "I love to smoke."

Drinker? Yes, though I limit it to Vodka and mixed drinks with Vodka in them, and Hard Cider.
General Style: Whatever I can afford, is warm, and comfortable. I can't afford to be picky with my wardrobe, and since I'm not a big fan of my body/appearance I usually opt for nondescript camouflage.

Likes: Reading (anything really except historical fiction and harlequin novels), A very few select TV shows (though none of them are on the air anymore - BTVS, Angel, Firefly, Stargate, Farscape). Politics. Drinking when its cold out then running out in to the chilled air and feeling more of a high for it. Scalding Hot Showers. Lukewarm Coffee. Going for coffee at a 24/hr place and chatting until all hours of the night just because. Speaking Spanish in front of people who don't understand what I'm saying, looking over at them with shifty eyes, and then going back to my conversation to see if they're a little wigged out. Geeking it Up. Dancing not to look "hot" but just to move, to breathe, to exhaust my muscles while too loud music makes my bones nearly shake. Bright hair. Facial Piercings. I like a lot of things, you should ask me instead, so we can be friends, thus the point of this community.

Dislikes: ...Do we have all day? I can't make a list. It would require the epic LJ-cut and about 4 hours of my time to type out. Instead I'll just say that I am a liberal, a would be activist (if I wasn't so shy), a lover of literature, good movies (Though I must say obscure films and art films rarely amuse me). I hate when people preach "tolerance" over acceptance. Tolerance to me is gritting your teeth and ignoring something until it goes away. That's not good for anyone, it just to me seems to be pushing passive aggressive hate instead of outward hate. I'm shy, which is why I need the community to make friends, and being the center of attention makes me intensely uncomfortable. My pet peeves include: tapping pens on desks, misuse of vocabulary (though I'm occasionally guilty of this), people chewing with their mouths open, and people who take up more space on the TTC than they really need just because they don't want to have to sit next to somebody.

Hobbies/Passtimes: Playing Piano, Reading, Writing (like everyone, though I keep most of what I write to myself as I'm fairly certain like most twenty-something would be writers it's mostly self indulgent crap), Going for walks at really strange hours (you can see the most interesting things at 4 am), Watching completed TV shows on DVD so I never have to wait TOO long for the ending, LARPING (it's like D&D, only you put on costumes, go camping for the weekend, and then hit people with foam weapons and act like your persona all weekend - this is usually done once a month). Sewing. Procrastinating.

Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: My favorite place in the world is a beach called Isla Verde in San Juan PR because I spent most of my best days as a kid there. Now, here in Toronto I love the ROM, the Zoo, Robarts Library, Queen Street, New Gen Sushi, the Science Center, certain spots of Whitby, any coffee shop with my friends in it.

Talents: Playing Piano. Being off putting with my sarcasm/shyness. Looking like a huge dork due to my klutzyness. Always knowing where my boyfriend's keys are.

Fave Foods: Tostones, Schwarma, Butter Chicken, Pogo's, and my mom's Rice and Beans.

Fave Movies: Fight Club, The Princess Bride, The Tenth Kingdom, Crime and Punishment in Suburbia, Weirdsville, Be Kind, Rewind.
Fave Books: Entirely too many, even my favorite authors change depending on my mood. Right now I'm on a big Francesca Lia Block kick again, my favorite of HERS being Witch Baby. Some of my favorites right now? 1984 (like everyone ever), Rant, The Abarat series by Clive Barker, The Life Of Pi, White Teeth, and Autobiography of Red. Anything by Kurt Vonnegut, ever.

Fave TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Stargate, Farscape, How I Met Your Mother. The Henry Rollins Show.

Anything Else? I moved to Toronto from a small town in New York that boasted being the home of Jello (it's true I used to work in the Jello museum). I have a love of political humor, angry music, and good food. I'm a geek and not sorry for it - I have an overactive imagination and I don't think it's a bad thing. The world is dreary enough without me squishing the child within completely in favor of less embarrassing hobbies.

I'm Polish and Puerto Rican, which is an odd combination. My family life is dysfunctional on its best days, and while I love the culture I come from (I was raised in Puerto Rico for 6 years and never really taught anything about the Polish side of my heritage) I'm fairly removed from it after so many years of not living on the island. This is something I'm trying to remedy, but really not sure how after so many years of living separate from what the rest of my family says my identity should be.

I've been in the city for a year now, and my social awkwardness and skittishness has kept me from really meeting people. A part of me just wants to walk up to interesting looking strangers and strike up a chat, but fear usually keeps me stuck in place so posting in this community is my compromise with myself.

Pic(s): I have brown hair, brown eyes, skin that could use some more sunlight, and an unremarkable wardrobe. I'm every slightly overweight not-unattractive yet not-noteworthy twenty something girl ever. There are no pictures of me recently because I've grown even better at being a camera ninja and see no need to document my shame.

The other explanation for this is that I am a vampire.

Sep. 14th, 2008

edifice rex


(no subject)

I am both older and younger than my chronological years. I am argumentative and passionate about what I believe in, but willing to listen — and even to sometimes change my mind — to those who disagree with me. Innately monogamous, this past week I have been dumped by one woman and have dumped another (they both knew each other; I don't lie about such things). I love Doctor Who and Henry V, The Trailer Park Boys and Battlestar Galactica, Moby Dick and Calvin and Hobbes.

I am working on the second draft of a novel and looking for a job (no, I don't have my life planned out for the next 40 years). I believe in peace, love and brotherhood but am no pacifist; left-wing, but not doctrinaire; a nerd, but not a geek.

My journal ranges from personal exploration to book reviews to political rants to political musings (most of it is public). I drink, smoke and swear. If you're female and your brain intrigues me, I'll probably flirt with you. If your brain intrigues me I'll probably suggest we go out for a pint sooner or later. If I friend you, I'll read your journal (almost) religiously; if I have something to say, I'll say it.

I am looking for new readers, new writers to read and, in the ideal world, people to meet In Life. My info page is fairly detailed and most of my journal is open to the public.

If any of the above caught your attention, check me out. Add me if you think we might ge3t along.

Name: Geoffrey.

Age: 43 — I don't care how old you are. If you interest me, you interest me.
Gender: Er, male.

General Location: Parkdale.

Occupation: Writer, but looking for a job in the IT field or the "executive assistance" arena.
Smoker? (Y or N?) Yeah. Gearing up for another try at quitting.

Drinker? Yes. Definitely.

General Style: Very casual, but can rock a suit when necessary.

Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: High Park, the Islands, Rhino's, Mezzrow's, Java Hut.

Talents:Writing, cooking, massage, political analysis. I was also a street-musician during my mis-spent youth.

Fave Foods:Chinese, Indian, Italian, Plain. And yes, I can cook them all myself.

Fave Movies:Beseiged; Bigger, Long and Uncut; Bliss; Casablanca; Citizen Kane: Election; Henry V; Jésus de Montréal; Legally Blonde; My Own Private Idaho; Rushmore; 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Fave Books: Catch-22; Dhalgren; Gormenghast; Pride and Prejudice; The Lord of the Rings;

Fave TV Shows:Absolutely Fabulous, Battlestar Galactica, Deadwood, Doctor Who, Fawltey Towers; South Park, The Trailer Park Boys; The Wire.

Anything Else? If your journal is composed mostly of memes and periodic friend-cuts, please look elsewhere. If you're looking for someone with whom to swap ideas, maybe beers and possibly spit, we should talk.

Pic(s):On my profile (you can even see my cat!) and in my journal.

Sep. 7th, 2008



(no subject)

Name: Lena
Age: 19
Gender: girl
General Location: downtown toronto core
Occupation: waitress and student (studying psychology and poetry)
Smoker? Yes.
Drinker? Yes.
General Style: streetpunk.
Likes: tea, conversations, trying new things.
Dislikes: womanizers, animal abuse, rapists, not having enough bike lanes.
Hobbies/Passtimes: writing, photography, harmonica&guitar.
Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: Porches, backyards, patios, parks, bars. I'm a fan of Java, The Cadillac Lounge, The Bop, and the Bovine Sex Club.
Talents: understanding the intricate workings of the human mind.
Fave Foods: Pancakes, sushi, pizza. I'm a veggie. I eat more hummus&pita than is probably good for me.
Fave Movies: Eraserhead, Pulp Fiction, Yellow Submarine, The Wall, Girl Interrupted... anything by Tarantino and David Lynch.
Fave Books Authors: Bulgakov, Dostoyevsky, Lewis Carroll, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Robert Jordan, Palahniuk.
Fave TV Shows: South Park.
Anything Else? I have pet rats named Bubonic and Jack Daniels.
Pic(s): (this isn't mandatory, but it always helps people to get to know you)

Sep. 6th, 2008

A Trees Opinion



Name: Jadon
Age: 24
Gender: MALE
General Location: scarborough, but i intend to move to mississauga...eventually !
Occupation: Environmental Chemist
Smoker? no, and while i don't like it if someone has to i'm not going to run away.
Drinker? socially. But i do have lots of alcohol t home..it just lasts a long while!
General Style: casual. i'm all about comfort.
Likes: Games, movies, biking, hiking, fishing, Science! lol. hanging out with friends. 
Dislikes: not that much really. i'm very easy going
Hobbies/Passtimes: shopping..ALOT! i am a consumer whore lol. gaming, relaxing! that's my fav. hobby
Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: Anywhere downtown, STC, the lake, bike paths.
Talents: clothes? I know a little about alot! i give good advice generally, and i can play with chemicals ^_^
Fave Foods: Pizza, pasta, other italian foods. i'm a good cook!
Fave Movies: I used to work for Blockbuster lol so many!  
Fave TV Shows: CSI, House, anything on discovery.
Anything Else? I'm easy going, don't mind going out at short notice. I dunno, i don't have a ton of friends but the ones i do have are close.  Now that me and all my friends are done school (for the most part) it's tough for our schedules to coincide so i'm hoping to get some friends with more free time!  I'm available on weekends..and weekedays after 7pm.  i also txt ALOT at work.  

Apparently i need to update photobucket with more recent pics! or at least pics that i don't look atrocious in! ^_^ What WAS i thinking with those?

Jul. 25th, 2008


(no subject)

Name: courtnee
Age: 16
Gender: FEMALE
General Location: mississugaaaa !
Occupation: trying to find a jobb
Smoker? not really, but i dont mind if people do :)
Drinker? sometimes, and i dont mind if people drink too hahaha
General Style: i dont know, my own style i guess ?
Likes: weed,video games,shows,movies,music,funny people,shopping,movies,photography
Dislikes: alott hahah
Hobbies/Passtimes: shopping,blazing,photos,video games,musiccc
Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: shows,squareoone,eaton center,port creditm i'm down for alott :)
Talents: clothes? haha i dont knoww
Fave Foods: ALOT ! ahaha
Fave Movies: ghost world,party monster,candy,elephant....theres way to many !
Fave TV Shows: robot chicken,the real world,jon&kate plus 8
Anything Else? i'm fun ! i like to laugh:)


thats me !:)
add mee

Jul. 24th, 2008



(no subject)

Name: (first name only will do) Kay

Age: (or age range) 24

Gender: (ok, sometimes it's just not obvious ;)) Girl

General Location: Toronto North End

Occupation: Working as a nanny while training to be a Personal Support Worker

Smoker? (Y or N?) No.

Drinker? (Y, N, or Casually/Once in a While?) Once in a while.

General Style: Dyke Geek

Likes: Open minded people who are cool with being themselves. Kindness. Surprises. Food (haha).

Dislikes: Bigots. Anyone person who thinks they know the answers for everyone else.

Hobbies/Passtimes: All things geeky. Reading.  Movies. Video Games. Writing. Girls. :) Nerdfighters. Internet: LJ, Facebook etc

Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: ...my couch? I'm a bit of a home body. I like hanging out with small groups of friends. I'd rather go to a pub than a club. I'd rather chat and laugh than dance. I'd rather go see a movie and browse chapters than... well many things actually. :P

Talents: sarcasm. hehe its an art form i harness well. :P

Fave Foods: My wifes curry chicken. Pad Thai. Chocolate. Pizza. Take out. All things bad for me....

Fave Movies: silly comedies (knocked up), silly chick flicks (While you were sleeping), some action, some myster (usual suspects, Primal Fear).

Fave Books: Oh gees.. this would take awhile. I read and enjoyed the Harry Potter Series. I read and enjoyed (and preordered...) the twilight series. I like the Dark Jewel Trilogy. And the Hand Maids Tale. And WHite Oleander. And The Mists of Avalon. the list goes on and on and on.

Fave TV Shows: Buffy, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Greys Anatomy, Corner Gas, I'm very into voyager right now... but thats new.

Anything Else? I'm a married bi girl living in the north end of toronto. One day i woke up and realized i still have the exact same group of friends i've had since highschool. I'm a home body so i dont make friends super easy. I'm just interested in making some friends closer to home who are alright with i am.

You can check me out of face book:

Its friends only but say who you are when you try to add me and i'll flag you on through. :)

Jul. 14th, 2008



(no subject)

Name: You guys can either call me Kel, or Siri, either works -_^
Age: 22
Gender: thats complicated right now....>_>
General Location: King West area
Occupation: Job hunter
Smoker? No!
Drinker? Socially
General Style: uh....>_> Your supposed to have a style? grungy? I think? Anti-style?
Likes: Nerdy things, scifi stuff, anime junk...
Dislikes: people who base me on what i like and assume I'm a weirdo just because i like the things i do and take great pleasure in my likes. and broccoli cant STAND the stuff!
Hobbies/Passtimes: Online Rpgs with my friends, reading books on serial killers, mmm....writing to an extent?
Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: my apartment, going to a small coffee shop and just talking for hours?
Talents: dont have any....except for talking, i'm really good at talking.
Fave Foods: Chinese food, japanese food, korean bbq....
Fave Movies: currently, i'd have to say the hellboy movies, and stargate!
Fave Books: dont have one, cause they change so often.
Fave TV Shows: Stargate atlantis. and supernatural.
Anything Else?
well lets see, lets address that gender part! I'm transgendered. Female to Male, meaning physically right now, i still look like a woman, but i feel like i'm supposed to be a guy. I'm attracted to boys and girls (but only a spasific type of boy!)
Pic(s): this part always kills me but....*Sigh*

Jun. 26th, 2008

Twilight !


(no subject)

 Name: Nichole
Age: 28
Gender: Female
General Location: Scarbough
Occupation: Not allowed to work, intil I get my resident card
Smoker? Yes.. Cigs only
Drinker? On occasion
General Style: Laid Back
Likes: Paint Shop, Photography,Art, Interior Design
Dislikes: Annoying People,Close minded people. lol
Hobbies/Passtimes: Ugh... Cleaning. lol.. Spending time with my hubby, paint shop
Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: I moved here July 2007 .. but I really haven't gotten to explore the city. :(
Talents: Paint Shop
Fave Foods: Italian
Fave Movies: Labryinth, Dark Crystal, Legend, stuff like that !
Fave Books: Anything by James Patterson, True Crime.
Fave TV Shows: Family Guy, Anything on HGTV or Food Network, WWE, UFC
Anything Else?  I'm happily married.. just looking to connect with people for friendship, as I said, I'm newer to Toronto and I really don't know anyone other then my husband and his family.. And I'm from the United States in case anyone was wondering !

Jun. 23rd, 2008

long black coat


(no subject)

  • Name:

  • David, for now.

  • Age:

  • 43.

  • Gender:

  • Male. Definitely; it's been more than 20 years since anyone wasn't sure.

  • General Location:

  • (Parkdale) Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • Occupation:

  • Writer. About to start on the second draft of a novel. A number of short stories heading (I hope) towards publication. Also looking for a day-job.

  • Smoker?

  • Sadly, Y. Quitting is on the agenda, but not yet inked on a specific date.

  • Drinker?

  • Yes. No plans of quitting. Steamwhistle is the Nectar of the Gods. And really good Scotch.

  • General Style:

  • Elegant nerd - my clothes are usually clean and I can really rock a 3-piece pin-stripe when I have to.

  • Likes:
  • Art, sex, philosophy; smart, younger women; bicycles; good music, good food, good sex; city walks, country hikes, long evenings of talk, thought and cuddling.

  • Dislikes:

  • Most pop-culture; neo-con "intellectuals"; religion; self-righteous leftists; nihilism; shopping; amusement parks.

  • Hobbies/Passtimes:

  • Cooking, drinking, exchanging ideas and experiences, reading, talking, writing. Love meeting new minds at a patio.

  • Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs:

  • Java Hut, Mezzro's, Rhino's and High Park.

  • Talents:
  • Writing, telling you the truth (as I see it), cooking, massage.

    Fave Foods: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai. My ex-ex girlfriend is from southern China. Not only did she eat the Chinese food I cooked for her, but we're still friends.

  • Fave Movies:
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey; Apocalypse Now; Bigger, Longer and Uncut; Bliss; Cassablanca; Guinivere; High Noon; The Meaning of Life; The Philadelphia Story; and, er, quite a few others.

  • Fave Books:

  • Das Kapital; Dhalgren; Pride and Prejudice; Red/Green/Blue Mars; The Lord of the Rings; The Masks of God; The Shock Doctrine; The Sleepwalkers.

    Fave TV Shows: Absolutely Fabulous; Battlestar Galactica; Doctor Who; Fawltey Towers; South Park; The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard; The Wire.

  • Anything Else?

  • Nah. Friend my journal, ask me questions. This is enough.

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