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Hey, this place seems pretty dead as of late but I figured I'd give 'er a go.

Name: Leah
Age: 21
Gender: Female
General Location: Downtown T.O
Occupation: Student at the moment. No occupation for the time being. Maybe next month.
Smoker? Former.
Drinker? Occasionally.
General Style: Casual/lots of greys, blues, browns and blacks.
Likes: My cat, food/cooking, kids(I'm childfree and will always be, but other people's kids are great), reading, music (a lot), beans.
Dislikes: Bad breath, whining, spoil-sports, people in general, loud talkers.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Going to music/comedy shows, going for walks, bicycling, spending hours and hours watching season after season of tv shows, reading, listening to music, sitting on my balcony.
Fave Places to Go or Do/Hang Outs: Go: Bloor Street West of Spadina, Queen West, College St, Trinity Bellwoods. Do: anything that any of those areas might have to offer
Talents: I can make a mean Rusty Nail.
Fave Foods: Anything, really. I've had an awful craving for beef stroganoff and schnitzel. If anyone knows of any good places...
Fave Movies: Guilty Pleasure: Finding Nemo. Truthfully I don't watch many movies.
Fave Books: Right now I'm really in to "Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton
Fave TV Shows: I was sad when Six Feet Under ended. Columbo is great. Entourage. How I Met Your Mother is awful but I can't help myself.


Hi :-)

I also spend an insane amount of time listening to music/checking out shows. Trinity Bellwoods is my favourite spot in the city, hands down.
Hey :)
I agree whole-heartedly. I used to live right across from Trinity Bellwoods so I spent a lot of time there last year. It was always busy in the summer but somehow quiet enough to go there to read.
What kind of shows/music do you like to go see?
usually stuff at the shoe/rivoli/bovine/rokboutique. but anything is fair game really.

I'm actually just a couple streets over from the park, can't wait til it warms up a bit.
I've never actually BEEN to trinity Bellwoods. though spadina and the annex are two of my fave spots!
and i've never had a rusty nail, should i try one?
Whaaaa?! Well, it's a pretty big park between Queen West and Dundas West. It's a really awesome place to go just to enjoy the outdoors (for me, in the spring, summer and fall. I hibernate in the colder months :P). Well, unless you're not an animal-person. Lots and lots of dogs.
And hey, yea, I live in the Annex, on Spadina. It's really an amazing area. I just moved here in December so I've been slooowly exploring around... Know of any good spots I should check out?

And yes! Try one for sure. It's a delicate balance of scotch and drambuie. My favorite drink, and delicious.
i have always considered having a rusty nail, but i always change my mind and have something i've already tried. but one day...one day...
Do it, do it :)
It's nice and smooth (because it's scotch, of course) and the drambuie gives it a really interesting twist. Hmm. I think I have to have one now.

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